THANK YOU to our Sponsors & Supp

THANK YOU to our Racing Free Sponsors


Fulton Quien Sabe
Ranches, LP
Bird Ranch  
Oak Creek Ranch  
Fincher Racing Stables  
Jeremy & Casey Newton  
Kiowa Creek Labs- Division of Fan Shop LLC  
Matt Witman  
Florida Quarter Horse Racing Association  
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Dustin Orona Photography
Sarah Gammil Photography
Plugged In Equine Marketing Solutions
Danielle Bryan
Valerie Morris Photography
Amanda Glidden

Thank you to Remington Park for a wonderful Quarter Horse racing meet!


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT- Thank you to Fulton Quien Sabe Ranches for your support of the Future of Racing!


A big thank you to the Quarter Horse Racing Association of Indiana and Crystal Springs Farm for joining the movement as Sponsors of Racing Free!

Thank you to the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association for renewing your Corporate Sponsorship! Thank you for supporting naturally talented equine athletes and the future of horse racing.


then you'll LOVE Racing Free!

Contact us today to learn about how Racing Free will be rewarding breeders who stand against performance-enhancing drugs.

 Racing Free is an alliance of horse racing owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys and fans who support the elimination of dangerous and often illegal performance-enhancing drug use in U.S. horse racing.

We are committed to affecting change by demonstrating the wide-spread support of performance-enhancing drug free racing by highlighting those who choose to race clean and developing a platform for the industry and public at large to engage in dialogue and action that encourages a healthy and safe racing environment.

Racing Free is dedicated to the elimination of performance-enhancing drugs in horse racing and securing a positive future for the sport by rewarding participants that desire a level playing field.

To give owners and trainers who choose not to use performance-enhancing drugs a place to compete equally for the safety of the animal and the integrity of the sport of horse racing.

Racing Free encourages the elimination of performance-enhancing drug use in horse racing in the United States by working with racetracks across the country to promote the Racing Free Incentive Program that;

Minimizes race day injuries and death to horses and riders;
Creates an equal racing competition for horses;
Establishes a positive reputation for the horse racing industry, and;
Provides non-biased information for betting public.

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SUPPORT Clean Racing

SUPPORT Clean Racing


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